Monitoring and Querying Heterogeneous Data

E-Flight: searching and monitoring multiple travel websites

The first project focused on the integration, searching, and monitoring of heterogeneous semi-structured data sources using OAA was in 1995-96, the InfoBroker project.  Using a similar approach, the OAA Rental Finder application provided real-time monitoring of multiple websites dedicated to housing classified ads.  This service, used by new-hires at SRI from 1996-1999, would provide automatic notification through email, fax or phone, as soon as a new prospect was detected matching the user's interest profile.

Later versions, such as E-Flight (pictured above), provided a number of real-time monitoring, search, and planning capabilities across data from multiple websites.  FAAAB provided similar capabilities to E-Flight, but also included intelligent scheduling algorithms which would maximize your bidding outcomes across multiple auctions.