A user talks into the remote control, results appear on screen

SURF is for the ultimate couch potato.  Without ever leaving your chair or missing a minute of your favorite TV show, SURF provides you with spoken access to all of your smart home functions -- simply speak into your remote control and command your house using the TV as a display!

  • When the phone rings, the ID of the caller is displayed on the TV.  If you let the voicemail system get it, a spoken command lets you play back the message over the TV's audio.  You can also browse your "unified messagebox" (email, fax, voicemail) in a picture-in-picture display while watching a TV show.

  • Search through the TV guide using voice commands, like "When will MASH be on?", or through a browsable display.

  • On command, view images from a video baby monitor or from security systems around your house.

  • Voice queries can access the dynamic set of agent capabilities.  Ask for the time, ask CHeF whether you have any ice cream in the fridge, pull up the multimedia summary from today's EMCE meeting without missing the show.  As new agent services are added to the community, what you can say and do from your couch increases!

See SURF in action:


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