Collaborative Home e-Fridge (CHeF)


Every smart home needs an augmented refrigerator!  This fridge offers a number of interesting capabilities:

  • CHeF records its contents through the use of RFID tags.

  • Can access multiple websites offering recipe databases, and recommend new recipes based on the ingredients you already have.

  • Helps you plan your meals for the week and maintain an appropriate shopping list.

  • Can order ingredients or an entire shopping list directly from web-grocer sites, for home delivery.

  • Has a simulated "magnetic poetry" screen saver, where you can use write with your finger to add a missing word (shown above)

  • Communicates with a panoramic video camera mounted on your ceiling to display video indicating where ingredients are stored from around your kitchen.

  • Easy-to-use multimodal user interface combining a touch screen, handwriting recognition, speech recognition, video output, graphics, and text-to-speech.

See CHeF in action!


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