Open Services Management (OSM) Platform

OSM Architecture, Service Composition and Orchestration

The Open Services Marketplace (OSM) platform is an enterprise-class infrastructure for constructing public and private marketplaces using a just-in-time service integration approach. Compatible with multiple business process engines and leveraging the latest web service standards (SOAP, UDDI, WSDL), OSM adds additional value in two areas:

  • An ontology-based service registry provides collaborative tools for developing, maintaining, and rationalizing standareds for service APIs used by the public or private marketplace. Mapping tools help smooth out variations in APIs provided by different vendors, enabling a single service call to work with many service providers.

  • Advanced service brokering leverages an automatic decision support framework for selecting the best service provider given the current situation. This framework makes use of the service registry, allowing the dynamic incorporation of new business rules and intelligence at runtime.
The OSM Platform was being developed to serve as the base infrastructure for a number of applications providing visibility, comprehension, and response across the extended enterprise.

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