WebL Patch for Java 1.3

Compaq's Web Language (abbreviated as WebL) is a scripting language for automating tasks on the World-Wide Web. It is an imperative, interpreted language that has built-in support for common web protocols like HTTP and FTP, and popular data types like HTML and XML.  I highly recommend this language for all tasks that involve simple scripting, scraping, form filling, or data accessing from the Web.

WebL's home page is located at:  http://www.compaq.com/webl. Here you can find documentation, videos, mailing archives and downloads.  WebL is distributed with source code under a license that prohibits redistribution.  However, the WebL site no longer appears to be maintained, and the downloadable version available from the site needs to be patched to work with Java 1.3.  By posting the patched code here, we are trying to keep the spirit of the original license while provide a service to the WebL community.  Any copies of the patched .JAR file downloaded from this site are still under the restrictions of the original license issued by Compaq.

Download: WebL.Jar version 3.0h


Warning!For some reason, the jar file sometimes downloads incorrectly with Netscape. If you experience problems with the jar file, try again using Internet Explorer. The size of the jar file should be: 832950 bytes.

Adam Cheyer, March 1, 2001