Hyperscope Project

Recently, a team at http://www.hyperscope.org has been working with Doug Engelbart to reconstruct a piece of the original Augment system capabilities. Called "Hyperscope", this client-side AJAX-like interface allows viewing, linking and manipulating documents in an Augment-style way, using viewspects and command structures from the original system.

The Hyperscope project relies on a document format based on OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language). To help this effort along a bit, I wrote a simple MSWord to Hyperscope OPML transformer, which you may download below under an LGPL license. It is currently an "offline" converter (e.g. manually load in .doc file, writes corresponding .opml file) written in C#, and it relies on a locally installed copy of Microsoft Word 11.0 (or later) to parse the document. I also wrote one for PowerPoint, which exports the PowerPoint slide outline, notes, and includes an option for "transcluding" the images of the powerpoint slides themselves.

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