Visitor carrying wireless tablet (note tracking box on ceiling), tablet screen

Like TravelMATE, OfficeMATE's goal is to augment a user's environment as he or she moved throughout the physical world, in this case, the hallways of SRI.  Infrared boxes, each with a unique identifier, were mounted throughout the hallways of SRI, so that as a user passes underneath, their tablet device knows its location.   A Java-based version of multimodal map runs in a browser and plots their position, answers queries about people and places around them, and provides graphical directions to requested points of interest.  Speech recognition, handwriting, and a touch screen interface provide a simple to use interface.  InfoWiz, the animate avatar wizard, watches their interactions, provides help, answers questions, offers to take the user on various tours of interest, and updates the browser with useful information based on the user's location (for instance, as a user walks by someone's office, that person's homepage is displayed).  If a user walks into a room where an EMCE-hosted meeting is taking place, they are automatically connected into the collaborative session.  Finally, the OfficeMATE system is hooked into a scheduling system that will indicate to people on the visitor's agenda whether the visitor is on schedule or behind schedule (useful, for instance, for interview candidates).

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