Agent Development Tools

Agent Development Tools, Start-It runtime management, Monitor debugging tool

A number of development and runtime tools are provided with OAA.  In 1995-1996, the Agent Development Tools were created to walk a developer through the tasks of creating a new agent: defining capabilities and properties, generating code templates in various programming languages, maintaining and publishing documentation, adding natural language vocabulary for use with various natural language and speech recognition systems, and combining the agent into one or more communities (applications).

Start-It and Monitor are runtime tools that come with the OAA distribution.  Start-It takes a project definition file that describes parameters for a community of agents, and then manages the agents lifecycle (starting, stopping, killing, restarting agents if they crash). Monitor provides a graphical view of an agent community, and lets an agent developer view properties for agents, trace and log interactions among agents, and compute statistics for inter-agent communication.

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